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      Being an absentee landlord/owner is no simple task even if you have a property manager to do your tasks, you will still have to spend your time managing your Madison WI homes. Owning a property out of Madison WI (absentee owner Madison WI) and trying to actively manage it, can become far more of a hassle than a benefit. It can turn out to be a difficult task to find tenants to rent the home to, take care of minor/major issues that arise

and market/advertise your properties when they are vacant. If you are currently in this situation and are looking to sell your out of state home in Madison WI, there are a couple ways for you to handle this. Whether you have to relocate due to a new job, selling a second home or settle the estate for a former relative, there a few simple steps to help you sell your out of state home in Madison WI. Remember when you are selling your home out of state in Madison WI, your main goal is to get the best price in a reasonable period of time

     You want to avoid the holding costs associated with this home that you no longer live in.


1) Decide your best option to sell - Being an absentee homeowner is very difficult, however there are different options to consider when selling your home out of state in Madison WI. You can go the traditional route and list your property with a professional real estate agent. This will be the best route if you can afford to have your home sit on the market, the properties in great shape or you can pay somebody to make the necessary repairs to sell at full market value. 

      You can sell the property FSBO. Selling FSBO is very difficult, but if you have the tools and understand the process, it can be a success. Your next option is going to be to contact a Real Estate Solutions Firm to give you a cash offer on your property and allow you to sell your home quick and easy. 


2) Pick The Right Price | Consider The Condition - No matter what your situation is, pricing your property to sell is one of the most important aspects to a sale. You can run a CMA yourself, or contact a local real estate agent to perform this for you. This will tell you what similiar homes in your area have sold for in the past 3-12 months and give you a better understanding of what you will be able to get for your property.


3) De-Clutter- If you are trying to sell your home out of state in Madison WI, you will have to pay a company to come over and de-clutter your home. Depending how much "stuff" is in this home, it can be pricey. You want to have them remove all of these items and also clean this home to get it ready for a sale. Buyers want homes that are move in ready. This means that you will have to do your best to make the place clean. This is the time to consider if you are going to make any upgrades to the home or sell to a Real Estate Solutions Firm and not have to worry about any of this.


4) Take Professional Photos - If you have decided to test the market and list your home, make sure that the agent that you hired takes professional photos. It would also be helpful if your agent takes a video of your home, as digital marketing is moving in this direction. Professional photos will give your home more exposure and truly make your home look better then it is. The main goal when selling your home out of state in Madison WI is to get as many potential leads to walk through your home, professional photos/video can do this. If you are trying to sell your home out of state in Madison WI, you will probably have to hire a professional photographer to take these photos for you. Make sure that this professional has experience with real estate and ask for references or past work that they have done. 


Consider all of your options when selling your Madison WI home out of state. Follow these simple guidelines and consider which options will work best for you. 

How To Sell My Out Of State Home in Madison WI

Are You An Absentee Homeowner In Madison WI Looking to Sell Your Home?

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