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How Fast Can I Sell My House in Madison Wisconsin

Selling your Madison Wisconsin house in any market can be difficult unless you have a property in great condition in a great location. Getting top dollar in a speedy manner is easier in this market due to the amount of supply that is currently out there. However for most homeowners, this does not apply. When you are selling your home, you have a couple different options.

1) List your property with a real estate agent/brokerage

2) List your property FSBO

3) Sell your property to a real estate investment business

All three of these options offer there specific pros and cons. Each option's fit will depend on the specific homeowners situation. All three of these options also offer different speed on the sale process.

The primary choice for most homeowners, is to list there property on the market with a real estate agent. About 85% of home sales are completed through a real estate agent. This medium is typically the best choice for homeowners who own a property that is in good shape and are looking for retail value for their property. In the search for retail value on your home, you will typically slow down the sales process because your end buyer will typically be getting bank financing to purchase the property. With bank financing comes a slowed transaction, inspections, possible seller concessions and a possibility of the deal falling through.

The second choice of listing your property FSBO has become more popular due to the amount of technology that is available to us and the current state of the market. Listing your property FSBO is typically brings the slowest speed of transaction because you do not have the network and reach that a good real estate agent has in your area. Home owners who list FSBO are trying to save on the commissions of the sale on the property, however in most cases, unless executed perfectly, they will end up selling their property for less and still paying some sort of buyers commission on the deal.

The last option for homeowners is selling your property to a real estate investment company. When you sell your property to a real estate investment company, you are usually trading equity for speed of sale. Selling your property to a real estate investment company will be the fastest way to sell your Madison Wisconsin house. With the speed of sale comes a reduction in sale price because the company you are selling your property to will be looking to use it for investment purposes, thus making money on the deal, so they will need to purchase the property for a less than market value. This option is best for homeowners who have incurred some emotional, financial or property distress that would cause you to need you tell sell your property fast.

In Conclusion

When it comes to selling your property, you have 3 different options to choose from. Each one of these options offers there own specific pros and cons for you to choose from based on your specific situation and the properties overall condition. If you are looking for full retail market value and your property is in great condition then you are best to list your property with a real estate agent. If you are looking for the fastest way to sell your Madison Wisconsin house, then your best option would be to sell your property to a real estate investment business.

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