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We Buy Houses in Madison Wisconsin

Yes, it is true, we do actually buy houses in Madison Wisconsin. I am sure that you hear and see this phrase around town often and you may think what is this service all about.

As home buyers in the Madison Wisconsin area, we offer an alternative solution to the traditional sale for homeowners who have found themselves in a specific situation which entails a quick, hassle free sale. Traditional sales with real estate agents can be long and drawn out and require the homeowner to make a lot of repairs and spend a lot of time keeping the place clean throughout the life of showings. Traditional sales are also typically financed through a bank which has the tendency to add time to the sale as well as possibly causing the deal to fall apart if the buyer is not qualified enough to receive the loan.

The primary goal of our service is to offer sellers a quick, hassle free solution to selling their house. A lot of the clients we deal with on a daily basis have a piece of real estate that is causing them unnecessary problems and would like to be relieved of the property. This can be due to a number of reasons such as:

  • Unpaid delinquent taxes

  • Behind on mortgage payments

  • Deferred maintenance or home is in disrepair

  • Inherited property

  • Out of state owner

  • Tired landlords

  • Vacant property

  • Homeowners looking to downsize

  • Job loss

  • Job relocation

  • Paying multiple mortgages

  • Divorce

We are real estate investors and we do look to make an honest profit from the purchase on your property, this is why in most cases we a trading purchasing your property at a discount for speed of sale. Our service is not meant for every homeowner. If you are a homeowner that owns a property that is in great condition and you are looking for full market value, we recommend that you list your property with a real estate agent to get the most money possible out of your house.

If you think that our service may be beneficial to you or someone you know, please give us a call at 608-305-2447 or simply fill out the form on our web page. We look forward to working with you in the near future and making the sale of your property simple and hassle free!

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