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Earn An Extra $500 - $1,000 

Per Property

Know of any vacant properties, boarded up homes or maybe a friend or family member that needs to sell their property fast? Learn how to capitilize on this oppurtunity

Become A Property Scout In Madison WI

Do you know anybody who is in a situation where they need to sell their house fast?


How about when your driving around do you see vacant and abandoned properties?


This program is very simple and offers you the opportunity to earn unlimited income. 

We are offering cash for each referral that you give us that leads to a closed transaction.


This is an exciting way to earn extra income with minimum time, stress or hassle. 


To learn more about the Property Scouts program, please download the following documents:


Independent Contractor Agreement

W-9 Tax Form

Property Scout Lead Form

How Does It Work?

Dan Sisto, President

My name is Dan Sisto and I live in Madison WI. I have lived in the Madison area my whole life and have been in the real estate industry for several years.

Over that time I have worked with several sellers who needed to sell their homes quickly. Our main goal is to simplify the home selling process. We understand that each seller who contacts us has a unique situation and we are comitted to working with you to figure out the best solution for you and your family. We are cash home buyers and pride ourselves on being able to close quickly. I look forward to explaining how we can assist you selling your home.

From The Blog.....

It is a very simple process, it consists of:


1) Locating distressed properties and/or distressed homeowners

2) You send us the address and basic information about the property

3) For every new qualified lead that you send us that results in us purchasing the house, we pay a $500 - $1,000 fee at settlement. 


  • We will describe to you the exact criteria that we are looking for

  • A description of a "motivated seller" or "distressed homeowner"

  • Marketing ideas to help you find properties

  • A lead submission form on our site to submit property information

  • An independent contractor agreement

  • A W-9 form that law requires if we pay you more than $600 (seperate document)


The benefit of this program is that you can spend as much or as little time as you want being a property scout. These opportunities are all around you and typically you will be able locate these properties when you are going through your every day lives. All's you have to do is send us the information and we take it from there

Benefits of Becoming A Property Scout

There are several reasons to join our property scout program and start referring properties:

  1. It does not take much time. Make money in your spare time.

  2. Gain hands-on real estate investing experience with no risk

  3. Money and credit are not required

  4. A good way to find out if real estate investing is something you are interested in without spending the money to learn the craft

  5. An extra form of income

  6. Help homeowners



A Brief Guide for Our Criteria

What We Want

We are looking for properties or owners that are distressed or motivated to sell their property. A distressed property or owner means there is a problem or situation that requires these homeowners to sell their properties at a discount. These homeowners are interested in the speed of sale rather than price. 


Where To Look

Onondaga county and surrounding areas (50 mile radius)


What To Look For

  • Vacant or Abandoned Houses 

  • Boarded Up Windows / Houses

  • Overgrown Grass

  • For Sale By Owner Signs

  • Newspaper Buildup

  • Rundown houses in nice neighborhoods

  • For Rent signs


Listen For

  • Bankruptcy /Foreclosure / Back taxes / Late mortgage payments

  • Death / Probate / Inherited Homes

  • Divorce

  • Evictions

  • Complaints About Home

  • Relocation

  • Absentee / Tired Landlords

  • Additional circumstances that require quick sale / motivation


How To Do It

Just be aware of what to look for. Most of the time these situations are all around you. If you hear or see somebody talking about this situation, find out the address and submit the information on our website


The more leads you send us, the better oppurtunity you will have of earning your fee

The Motivated Seller

For us turn your property lead into a purchase, we will have to be dealing with a motivated seller. This will be a major determinant of how successful you are in this program. 


These homeowners will be dealing with time sensitive circumstances along with financial and emotional stress.


How To Find Motivated Sellers

If you already know friends, family members or co-workers who found themselves in this situation, then great! 


When it comes to finding motivated sellers that you do not personally know, you will have to do some marketing. In all walks of life, it takes money to make money, so your marketing efforts will be no different. With our marketing, we will be getting the word out that we are a resource to motivated homeowners who are in desperate need to sell their property. 


From our experience, we have found that there are several highly motivate sellers out there, they sometimes just don't know who to contact. So we can either:

  • Track these homeowners down

  • We can let them find us

Below you will find some articles on marketing ideas for your property scout endeavors.

6 Basic Steps To Begin Wholesaling Real Estate & Get Your First Deal

5 Real Estate Investing Strategies To Get Your First Deal

Marketing Journey: Ways To Market Your Real Estate Business

Lead Submission

Submitting Leads

To let us know about the seller leads that you have accumulated we have a separate landing page with a form for your submissions. You will submit the property address, information and any pictures you may have of the property. The more information, you can provide the better.


Unsuccessful Leads

Every opportunity does not result in a successful sale. In the circumstance we can not come to an agreement either due to price or terms, the deal will not go through.


We want you to be successful in this program and we understand that the purchase depends on your fee.


Throughout the due diligence & closing process, we will be sending you weekly updates on where we stand with the process and if we intend to close on the property. 


Getting Paid

I am sure that this is the part that you are most interested in. As a memeber of our program we will process the payments on the day of closing, so you will never have to wait for your money.

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