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 There comes a time in everyone’s life when we need to sell our house. For most of us, listing our home will be the biggest sale we ever make. The process of selling your house does not always have to be a hassle. There are 3 options to sell your house and each option offers specific benefits depending on your current situation. These 3 options are A traditional sale (real estate agent), FSBO (selling by yourself) or selling to a real estate investment firm (selling to an investor). Your financial situation, market conditions, homes condition and motive to sell will depict which option will work best for you and your family. 

                      Choosing the best option will allow you to better solve your current problem. If your house is in great shape and you are looking for the highest sales price then understanding the traditional sales process and hiring the best agent will be beneficial to you. If you do not have much equity in your home and can’t afford to pay the commissions to an agent then putting together a marketing plan to sell FSBO will serve as an asset to you. If you need to sell your house fast and are not concerned with the sales price due to any number of reasons, knowing what to expect when selling to a real estate investment firm will simplify your sales process. 
     We all have our specific reasons for selling, whether it is a new child, marriage, job loss, 
divorce, job relocation, downsizing, moving out of town or maybe you’re just looking for something new. We want to help you understand all the different scenarios when it comes to selling your home and try to simplify this process for you. If listing with an agent is your best option, we want to help explain the process of hiring a real estate agent, the benefits of using a real estate agent, what to expect throughout the process and also some of the drawbacks. If you decide to sell FSBO we want to give you insight on the best ways to market your property, what steps to take, specific forms needed, the benefits and also the drawbacks of selling by yourself. If selling to a real estate investment firm is your best option we want to explain how the process works, what to expect, how to choose the right firm and also the benefits they can bring to the sale of your home.  
      We work with home sellers in all different situations and we help educate them on all their available options. We want all home sellers to understand the selling process and have a plan when it comes time to sell. If you choose the best option for your specific situation, you will be able to eliminate a lot of the aggravation that goes into selling your house. Remember that selling your house is not as always easy at it sounds and the sale price of your home depends on several variables that you may not be able to control. So, let’s get rolling and help you understand the sales process and help you develop a plan so we can make the selling process as smooth as possible for you and your family. 


Traditional Sale | Using A Real Estate Agent in Madison WI


As the old saying goes “20% of the realtors do 80 % of the business”. 

       When beginning the process to sell your home, one of the most important individuals on your team will be your agent. Your agent will play an integral part in selling your existing home. The search for the perfect agent that will fit your needs, timetables and expectations can be daunting and exhausting. Selecting the right agent can determine how successful your sale will be. Hiring an experienced local agent, who understand your local market, prices your home right and has a proven marketing plan will eliminate a lot of the hassle that comes with selling your home. | Foreclosure Information | Avoid Foreclosure | Foreclosure Scams - is an online guide to government resources and information. They provide detailed information on the foreclosure process and steps to take to control the effects. | Foreclosure Resources | Avoiding Foreclosure - HUD is the US department of Housing and Urban Development. They have several resources on their site to direct you in the best direction depending on where you are in the foreclosure process.


Foreclosure Prevention Assistance | NY State Attorney General - This brochure discusses warning signs and first steps of action to take pertaining to foreclosure. They give you several contact references to contact to discuss your specific situation.

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The Ultimate Guide To Selling Your Home in Madison WI

Hiring A Real Estate Agent in Madison WI

So how do you go about hiring the right agent for the sale of your property?  
      There are specific steps you should take in order hire the right agent to sell your home. These steps will help narrow down your candidates and select an agent that you feel comfortable doing business with.  
1) References - Ask family and friends if they have had success with any realtors in the area. You want to create a list of 3-5 potential candidates that you are going to consider. Try to obtain as much background information as possible on these specific candidates.  
2) Licensing- Make sure that the agent is licensed by the state and that working as a real estate agent is their full-time job.  
3) Interview Prospects- Now that you have your list and have verified that each is licensed, you now want to interview each of these prospects. As with anything you want to shop around a little and see what each agent has to offer and if they are going to be able to fit your needs. Here are a couple questions that you want to address in your interviews:

  • What areas do you do the majority of your work? 

  • How long have you been in the business? 

  • Do you have any references? 

  • If selling, what will be the commissions for the sale of my property? 

  • How many sellers are your representing now? 

  • At what price do you think my home will sell in the current market & why? 

  • What is your advertising and marketing plan for my home? 

  • How often do you plan to communicate with me? 

  • What is your average listing time? 

4) Select an agent with the right credentials 

  • CRS (Certified Residential Specialist): Completed additional training in handling the residential real estate.

  • ABR (Accredited Buyer's Representative): Completed additional education in representing buyers in a transaction. 

  • SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialist): Completed training aimed at helping buyers and sellers in the 50-plus age range.

     If the agent calls himself a Realtor with a capital "R," that means he's a member of NAR. By hiring a Realtor, "the most important thing you get is an agent who formally pledges to support the code of ethics." 
5) Look at their current listings - Verify that the agent is selling in the area that you are looking or has directed clients to buy in areas you want to buy. 
6) Connection- Make sure the realtor you choose is somebody you connect and communicate well with. You will be connected for the next 6-12 months so be sure this individual is somebody who you are compatible with.
7) Hire your Agent- After you went through all the proceeding steps you will now sign a contract with the selected agent. Here you will let the agent know how long you want them to represent you and they will tell you the commission price they will require (negotiable) 
     Be sure to follow all of the steps mentioned above and take them seriously. As stated before, 
your agent is one of the most important people on your team and may be the deciding factor on if you meet your timetable and get the right price. Do your due diligence and use your instincts. You will be able to tell who will be the best fit for you after the interview process is complete.

The Benefits of Working With A Real Estate Agent in Madison WI

     Finding a great real estate agent that fits your needs can be difficult. However, if you follow the process above you should be able to narrow down your candidates and find an agent that you feel comfortable with and will bring you a hassle free sale. Working with a qualified, professional agent does have its benefits. These benefits will allow you to a higher price for your home and should create a quick sale. These benefits are:


1) Market knowledge- Real estate agents have access to the most recent housing data for your local area. They are able to give you comps based on actual listing prices and home sales. They will also understand the current market conditions and be able to you if we are in a sellers’ market or buyers’ market. This knowledge will allow them to price your home right which is one of the most important aspects of selling your home with a real estate agent.


2) Negotiations– Some homeowners are willing to negotiate and like it, while others want nothing to do with this process. Real estate agents handle all of the negotiations throughout the sale and should be able to get creative with the terms, so the deal works in your favor


3) Open Houses– They do all of the legwork for you.They schedule the open house, walkthroughs, and meetings. We are all busy with life and sometimes it can be impossible to coordinate these showings around our busy schedules. They offer the convenience of controlling this part of the process for you.


4) Marketing– A professional real estate agent knows how to sell your home.They understand that they need a proven marketing plan to get the exposure your house needs to sell. They also have access to the MLS (multiple listing service) which allows them to leverage their networks. The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® studies shows that 82% of real estate sales are the result of agent contacts through previous clients, referrals, friends, family and personal contacts.


5) Connect You With Partners– A real estate agent is not the only person on your team that is needed for a successful sale. Since these agents have been in the business for a long time, they should be able to connect you with quality attorney’s, inspectors, moving companies, cleaning companies and contractors.


6) Closing Process– Most home sellers are unfamiliar with the closing process and what it entails. A professional real estate agent will guide you through the closing process and make

sure you have filled out all the necessary forms and have all the information that is needed to close. This will make you feel more comfortable with the process as they explain the paperwork to you.


7) Price Your Home Right– The most important part of the sales process is pricing your home right. Each home has a specific value that it should be sold for based on the location, condition, market conditions, homeowner’s motivation, finishes and amenities. Your agent will be able to price your home right so you can maximize your profit and enjoy a quick sale.

The Disadvantages of Selling With A Real Estate Agent in Madison WI

     Hiring and working with a real estate agent is not the right decision for every homeowner. Depending on your motivation, home condition or reason for selling, working with an agent might not work for your goals. Even though they do offer sufficient benefits there are also disadvantages to listing your home with a real estate agent. Here are some of the potential issues that can arise when choosing to list the traditional route.


1) Market Conditions- This can be a challenge that takes place prior to putting your home on the market. If there is a very large supply of homes that are up for sale and not a lot of demand for these home it is possible that your home will sit on the market just because there is not a sufficient amount of people looking to buy. Now this is something you have no control over but could possibly affect the speed and price of your sale. When you decide to sell your home, you should do some research on what state the market is in (buyers’ market or sellers’ market)


Buyers’ Market - a buyer’s real estate market is one in which the home buyers who are in the marketplace have an advantage over the seller’s (supply greater than demand)


Sellers’ Market- Home sellers who are in market place have an advantage over the buyers (demand is greater than supply)


2) Choosing a Realtor- If you are selling your home the traditional route, your choice of realtor has the ability to make or break your sale. The process of choosing a realtor is not difficult but can be time-consuming. You need to go through interviews, get referrals, ask questions and pick the perfect realtor for your situation. You also have to avoid the realtors who promise the world, promising the highest price for your home and the quickest sale. These are the individuals who usually rarely deliver on their promises.


3) Getting your home ready to sell- If you want top dollar for your home, you will have to put the necessary money or time into making the needed changes within your property to produce top resale value. This part of the process can also take a lot of time and money. If you are unfamiliar with construction and have trouble doing things yourself you could be out thousands of dollars to make these changes. Changes like repainting the interior, landscaping, changing/ cleaning the flooring, replacing fixtures, replacing doors, making renovations to bathrooms/ kitchens. All of this rehab costs money and will hold up the sale on your home if you are looking for top dollar.


4) Pricing your home- Finding the perfect price for your home is a difficult challenge and a challenge that not too many people can master. Without the proper pricing of your home, you face the challenge of having your home sit for a long amount of time. Overpricing your home can be devastating. An overpriced home will usually not receive many showings or inquiries and this will affect how long your home sits on the market.


5) Maintaining a show ready home- Now if you have decided to sell your home the traditional route, you now face the challenge of having to maintain your home while still living there. This can be very difficult if you have children or just don’t clean your home on a consistent basis. The longer your home sits on the market, the longer you will have to TRY to keep your home show ready.


6) Unrealistic Home Buyers- One of the top challenges that homeowners face when they are trying to sell their home is unrealistic home buyers. The trouble with these home buyers is the offering price. In today’s market no matter if your home is priced right or not, you will have home buyers that offer you disrespectful low ball offers. Another challenge that arises from these unrealistic home buyers is the fact that they want the home in perfect condition. So if you do not want to make the necessary updates to your property it will be hard for you to find a buyer that is willing to pay top dollar for your home


7) Commissions- Now that you already had to put a bunch of your own money into making the proper updates to your home, maintaining these updates throughout the sale, if you ever do sell your home, you will have to give your agent & broker about 7% of the sales prices. Now these commissions are negotiable but you will have a very hard time finding a great agent if you are offering anything less than 7% in this area. The only way to avoid these commissions is to either sell the home by yourself or take a cash offer from a buyer before you list the house.


8) Passing Inspections- A top challenge for home sellers is dealing with the laundry list of repairs the home inspector issues. Whether its home inspections, pest inspections or radon tests, a home buyer wants to ensure everything is perfect when they purchase a new home. There are no set guidelines on if a home passes inspection or not. The home buyers have the final say in if they are satisfied with inspection process or not. Believe me, when I tell you, they will have a nice extensive list for you to take care of.


9) Closing the Deal- So you made it through all the difficult challenges, the closing should be easy right?? Just sign a couple papers take your check and your headache is over with... Wrong!! There are many different things that can de- rail a property closing. One of the main issues that can arise is the buyer getting disapproved. Now this is nothing that the seller can control but can still be a deal breaker. Some other items that can derail a deal at closing are title or survey issues.

Is Selling With A Real Estate Agent Right For You?

So what home seller is the traditional route for?


       So now that we have discussed the pros and cons of selling your home with a real estate agent, let’s go over what home seller should choose this route. The major variable is the condition of your home. If your home is in good to great condition then you should choose the traditional route. The traditional route will benefit home sellers who:

  • Are looking for full market value for their home

  • Do not mind waiting to get full market value

  • Do not mind making the necessary repairs be able to list your home for full price Are ok with giving up 7% commission

  • Do not mind maintaining their home through the sales process

  • Working with a professional agent, with local real estate knowledge

  • Are moving out of town


      The traditional sales route is not for everyone, however, it is beneficial to several homeowners. Understand what the traditional sales process offers, how it works and if it meets your goals and decides if this option works best for you and your family.

Selling For Sale By Owner Madison WI (FSBO)

       So you want to sell your home by yourself and avoid those dreaded commissions? You do not want to deal with a real estate agent or try and find the perfect one? Or maybe you do not have enough equity in your home to sell with a real estate agent. No matter your situation, selling FSBO statistically is difficult to be successful with. However, there are specific tools and marketing tools you can use to increase the odds of a successful sale.


       Everyone that is selling their property would love to save that 7%, but there are several factors that you need to take into consideration when choosing to sell FSBO.

Here are some stats about FSBO that display how difficult it can be if you do not know what you’re doing.

  • 5% of all property sales were sold FSBO to someone they didn't know.

  • FSBO take about 25 more days to sell if they sell at all

  • Realtor properties sell for $41,000 more than FSBO

  • In the last decade, FSBO sales have dropped from 20% to 9%

  • 70% of FSBO said that have difficulty selling                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

        The main advantage realtors have over FSBO's is that they know other real estate agents/brokers. This means that they may be able to connect your property to a buyer. But as we know by them making that connection, you will cough up that 7%. Now if they can make that connection quick, in my opinion it is worth giving up that 7%, it’s a no-brainer. But if your property is going to sit on the market for months, while your agent put a sign in your yard and an ad in the paper, and then we should not be giving them 7% of our home sale... not a chance.

Marketing Tips Selling For Sale By Owner Madison WI

      Realtors are professional's and they know the market much better than the average person. Most likely they have been in the game locally for a while and understand the market conditions.


     That being said, the average realtor is 57 years old & in 2016 we have tremendous mediums to market our properties through the internet. Digital marketing is a powerful tool and if used right can give your property the necessary exposure to sell your home.

The old tactics of putting a sign in your yard, passing out fliers or brochures or putting your ad in the newspaper are long gone. Now we have access to websites, social media, blogs and a whole assortment of inbound marketing techniques to drive target home buyers/realtors to our properties.


1) Website/Landing Page/ Main Hub - The first step we need to make in this process is to create a dedicated website/landing page specifically for your property. This webpage is going to be the main hub that we will push all of our marketing to. On this page we will have video, high quality pictures, property descriptions and all other important details of your property (location, amenities, property size, beds, baths etc.). The most important item on your website is going to be your CTA (call to action's) or your opt in forms. These forms are going to allow qualified, interested leads to sign up for a personal tour of your home. On these opt in forms we ask their names, address, phone number, email, if their pre-qualified and their level of interest. Remember all of the digital marketing we discuss next will be pushed to your main website and landing page with the main goal of converting these qualified leads.


2) Facebook Paid Advertising - This is the most powerful digital marketing tool on the internet to date. Facebook paid advertising gives you the ability to put your ad (pictures, video footage of your property) in front of a very targeted set of people. You can target people based on their behaviors, interests, life events, demographics, income level, age, gender and much more. Now the secret with this is targeting the right people. If you are selling a home, in the price range of 100 - 150k, I would say new home buyers would be a great market to target. Personally, I would put the ad in front of females, ages 28-40, income levels 50-75k, 75-100k, with behaviors just married, engaged, moving. This would be a good initial group to target. When these folks click on your ad they will be directed back to your main website so they can sign up for their personal tour and show their interest.


3) Facebook Organic Advertising - Another powerful advertising tool which allows you to target a specific market. You will want to do this marketing from your personal Facebook page. This will allow you to put up specific ads and connect with friends you may have who may know people interested in a house in your area. You can put photos or a video up of your home to direct them to your web page. You can even offer a couple hundred dollars to anyone who brings you a lead that you close on. Now is the time to get creative and try and drive as much traffic to your main hub as possible.


4) Instagram- 70% of Instagram’s users are between the ages of 21 - 45. This is a good medium to find new home buyers or people interested in buying homes. You need to create an Instagram account with the address of your property. The first step you are going to take is to search local landmarks in your area. You want to friend request every single person that has checked into these land marks. About 50% of them will follow you back. Now every video or picture you post will be in front of them. On every single one of your posts direct them back to your website link in your bio.


5) Craigslist - Now many people selling FSBO use this medium but they don't use it right and it amazes me. Constantly I see people posting all of the things that are wrong with their property. Why would someone go to your home when they know there are a million things wrong with the house? This goes back to the photos you take. Take great photos of the highlights of your home. Don't put pictures of your homes on these ads they wouldn't bring interest from a buyer. Now creating a great craigslist post takes time (another blog post later about this topic) but you are able to use some HTML code to make your craigslist ads stand out. You can bold, italicize, underline, increase font size, change font color, and put videos in your ads and much more. I want you to maximize the limit of pictures (24) you can put in your ad. Make sure you highlight your website link in these ads. I also want you to post no less than 5 times a day to craigslist with all caps, attention grabbing headlines. There are hundreds of homes on craigslist; we need these folks to click your ad.


       These are just a few tools that you need to be using to get your FSBO in front of the necessary amount of people to increase your chances of selling. Some other tools that you can use are YouTube, twitter, fizber, google maps, my maps and some more. (Email me to find out). I’ll tell you what, about .05% of real estate agents are using these tactics and about .01% knows how to use them. I would suggest before you decide to sell your home FSBO, you start researching all of these topics, especially Facebook paid advertising. Do some research on how to use this tool? It is the most cost efficient way to target a specific market and can be very powerful if you have any clue how to use it.

The Disadvantages of Selling For Sale By Owner in Madison WI

      We have touched on some of the difficulties you may experience when you try and sell your home by yourself but I just want to touch on some more topics for you to consider. Perhaps the greatest disadvantage when it comes to selling FSBO is the amount of time that you have to put into the sale. It is a very time-consuming process to handle all the paperwork, field all the calls, create a plan, advertise and handle the showings. You are essentially taking over the job of the real estate agent. Here are some more disadvantages to selling FSBO.


1) Costs of Marketing and Advertising – If you are unfamiliar with the process and how to market, you can find yourself spending money in unneeded areas. Follow the plan above to gain the necessary exposure that is needed at a good price.


If you are listing the property for sale by owner in Madison WI 2) No Access To The MLS – NY, you will not have access to the multiples listing service. Nowadays there are companies that will charge you a flat fee to get your home listed on the MLS. This is an option that you should consider if selling by yourself.


3) Market Knowledge – If you are not familiar with the market conditions and if it is a good time to sell you will have a hard time pricing your home right.


       As we spoke before the most crucial aspect of a successful sale is your ability to price your home right. If your home is priced right you will have more traffic and a better chance of a quick sale.


       We suggest that you do your homework before you decide to sell your home by yourself. If you educate yourself on each step of the process, we do believe that you will be able to sell your home. Understand that selling process put together a marketing plan and speak with experts in your area so you can create a hassle-free sale.

Is Selling For Sale By Owner in Madison WI Right For You?

What type of homeowner would benefit from selling FSBO?


      As we have learned so far, each option offers benefits to different homeowner situations. Selling FSBO owner may be right for some but not for others. You have to evaluate your specific situation and understand what selling FSBO entails and make a decision. Here are some of the situations where selling FSBO would benefit the home seller:


  • If the homeowner does not want to pay 7% commissions

  •  If the homeowner does not have equity in their home

  • If the homeowner is in no rush to sell

  • If the homeowner is comfortable with all the paperwork, planning, and negotiations If the homeowner is willing to take less on the home sale


      Evaluate the pros and cons of selling FSBO and decide if you’re time and energy are worth saving on the commissions. Selling FSBO can be difficult but it is not impossible. Follow our marketing plan and begin implementing the new rules of marketing. This will help you gain the necessary exposure to sell your home.

Selling To A Real Estate Investor in Madison WI

            No matter the state of the real estate market, it is smart to look at all of your options and see which option best suits you and your family’s needs. While listing with an agent has the possibility of bringing you "top dollar" for your home that does not always mean the most money in your pocket. Selling to a real estate investment firm offers benefits that neither of the two other options can. However, it also offers some drawbacks that may not meet your expectations. Real Estate Investments firms strive on simplifying the home seller process and giving you a 100% hassle free sale. When dealing with a real estate investment firm expect to sell your home for a discount. If you need to sell your home fast due to a divorce, too many home repairs, back taxes, lost job, job relocation, inherited homes, late mortgage payments or just want to downsize then selling to a real estate investment firm may be your best option.

The Benefits To Selling To A Real Estate Investor In Madison WI

Offer To Close in As Little As 14 Days


     Depending on your specific situation, maybe a fast sale is beneficial to your goals. The majority of the time we can close on properties in as little as 14 days. (depending on title, abstract and survey issues)


     You will no longer have to make utility, insurance, tax and mortgage payments. If you go ahead and list your home with an agent, there is a good chance your home could sit on the market anywhere from 45 days to 6 months (to a year). During that period you will have to make these holding costs payments and these expenses can add up.


We just want to make you aware of these costs that you will accrue during the time you are waiting for your property to sell


No Repairs | Maintenance or Cleaning For Every Buyer That See's Your House


       If you have ever tried to sell your house, you know it can be a hassle to try and clean your home and maintain this upkeep throughout the entire sales process. We at HS property Funds will take care of the cleaning process.


     We all live busy lives and know that sometimes it can be hard to keep your home in perfect condition. (who has time for it?) All those repairs needed to sell your house at full market value and become very expensive and take up a lot of your time. No matter what condition your home is in, we are interested. We want you to understand that there are other options besides paying thousands of dollars in repairs and spending months to make these changes.


Closing Costs? Don't Worry About Them (We Got You Covered)


     We at HS Property Funds try to make the selling process as easy as possible for you and your family. We pay for all of the closing costs when it is time to finalize the deal. What we offer is what you will bring home (minus any mortgage payoffs or liens on your property)

So before you decide to sell your home, make sure you evaluate all of your options. We truly just want to educate you on the selling process and ensure that the decision you make is the right one. A lot of homeowners are not aware of the alternative routes to sell their home.


No Obligation Cash Offers in Madison WI


     Real Estate Investment Firms will purchase your home with cash. This means that there will be no deals falling through because of lack of lending or mortgage restrictions. This also allows these firms to speed up the closing process and close on your schedule. However these offers will be below market value, so expect a discounted offer when dealing with a real estate investment firm


Hassle Free Home Sale | Madison WI


     Real Estate Investment Firms base their business models around creating a hassle free sale. They want to ensure that the minimum amount of work is going to be needed on your end and the sales process will run smooth. The goal of the process is to have the homeowner just show up at closing to finalize the deal. There will be no agents involved, no open houses, your house will not sit on the market, no negotiations or dealing with buyers, no inspections, and no closing costs.

How Do I Sell To A Real Estate Investor In Madison WI

     The word investor scares a lot of people who are in the market to sell their homes. Traditionally, when we think of selling our home we imagine that we are selling to a nice little family or some older folks who just retired. When we hear the word investor, words start popping up in our heads that portray these individuals a certain way. With anything, there are good people and bad people who conduct business in any niche. So, sure you will run into some individuals who may try pull one over on you but that is your responsibility as the homeowner to acknowledge this. When dealing with an investor you want somebody who is fair, honest and works in the best interests of both parties.


     To keep this as simple as possible when reaching out to an investor they will have you do a few things to find out as much information as they can to see if your home will be a good investment for them. These investors are doing what they are doing so they can make a profit, so if they do not feel that by taking on the risk of purchasing and holding your home they can make a profit, they will not consider the deal. Here are some of the quick steps they take to see if a win-win situation can be produced from the deal

1) Have you fill out a form or ask you certain questions to qualify the seller


2) If they get answers they feel they can work with, they will send a representative out to take a look at your home.


3) They will evaluate and estimate the necessary repairs that are needed to sell your home for top dollar.


4) They will give you an offer- whether that’s cash, taking over your payments etc.


5) The seller will usually have 3-5 days to accept the offer


6) If the offer is accepted, the investor will be able to close on your house in 7-14 days if purchasing in cash

How To Find A Real Estate Investor To Buy Your Home

     If you do determine that working with an investor will be the best way to solve your problems and put your family in the best situation; the place you should start your search is the internet. The internet contains the most information and you will be able to find investors websites by searching (We Buy House (insert city), Real Estate Investors (insert city). This will also allow you to do some due diligence on who you are going to be working with. These websites will usually give you a form to fill out and contact information to speak with the investor.


     You can also ask local real estate agents. Real Estate agents do work with investors and should know information of local investors in their area. Some agents will be a little hesitant to give names because they will not be receiving any commissions from the purchase but this is another source where you may find them.

Is Working With A Real Estate Investor Right For You?

     When finally deciding to sell your home, you should take into consideration different variables before you decide to list your home on the open market. As discussed in previously, home buyers these days are becoming very picky. They want their money to be worth more than it truly is and wants the home they are purchasing to be the home they have always dreamed of. This means if you are planning on getting top dollar for a home in your area, you better have a lot of the basics of the home refurbished (Interior paint, carpet (flooring), mechanicals, landscaping etc.). Some homeowners are not interested in making these necessary changes so they may decide they are willing to sell their home for less than market value. Here are some reasons you may decide to sell your home below market value and work with an investor:


  • Do not want to make necessary repairs

  • Can no longer pay your taxes (avoiding foreclosure)

  • Can no longer make your mortgage payments (avoiding foreclosure) Divorce

  • Job Loss

  • Job Relocation 

  • Family Death / Inherited Home in Madison WI

  • Probate

  • Out of state owner

Conclusion | Ultimate Guide To Selling Your Home

      I hope that this Ebook gave you some valuable insight into how the home sale process works for each of these 3 options. All 3 of these options offer specific benefits that work for different people in different situations. Our goal of this Ebook was to educate you on each of these topics, in hopes that you will be able to avoid any mistakes when you choose which technique works for you and your family. No matter which option you believe will meet your goals, try to implement what you read today. This will help alleviate some of the potential hassles that come with selling your home.


     If you have any questions or concerns in regards to selling your house, you can contact us at (315)516- 8023, email us at or visit us on the web at We would love to help assist you with any aspect of the sales process.

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