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Are you bringing in deeply discounted deals through your real estate wholesaling business? If so, put us on your cash buyers list.. we would love to join your team and learn more about your business.

Real Estate Wholesalers | Madison WI

If you have been in the real estate investing game for a while now, you know that the most important aspect is being able to consistenly bring in deeply discounted deals into your business. We are aware of that. We are always looking for real estate professionals who have been involved in this industry and are capable of bringing in consistent discounted properties. We have been investing in Madison WI and its surrounding areas for roughly 5 years now and are always looking to connect with other local professionals. 

We understand that wholesaling is a complicated business and at times deals can be hard to come by. We also know that there are several skills within the art of wholesaling that you must master in order to be successful in this business. So if you are interested in letting us join your team as a cash buyer, we would love to get to know you and your team more in order to learn more details about your business.

Real Estate Investing Criteria

Just like any real estate business we have a set criteria that we like to stick by for our real estate investing business. I want to give our wholesalers a better understanding of exactly what were looking for to see if we would be a good fit for each other. Currently we are buying properties to rehab and sell and also buy and hold. Some of the requirements we like to work off of for these properties for our buy and holds are: 


Farm Areas

-Monona City - Village of Cottage Grove - City of Sun Prairie

-Village of Maunakee - Village of Deforest - City of Middleton

-Shorewood Hills - Burke - Maple Bluff - Westport - Vienna

-Springfield - Bristol - Pleasant Springs - Fitchburg


Rehab & Sell Criteria

  • 60%-70% of ARV - Repairs

  • Cosmetics - Advanced Cosmetics - Mechnicals - Advanced Mechanicals - Basically all levels of renovations

  • Single Family Homes - Duplex - Triplex - Quads

  • 3+ Bedrooms

  • 1.5+ Bathrooms

  • Colonials - Cape Cods - Ranch - Split Levels - Contemporary - Raised Ranch - Bungelows - We take a look at any style property depending on the area

  • 900+ Square Ft


Buy & Holds

  • Cap Rate = 12%+ depending on areas

  • Duplex - Triplex - Quads - Apartment Buildings

  • Cosmetics - Advanced Cosmetics - Mechanicals - Advanced Mechanicals 

  • Purchase Price = $30,000 - $500,000 - depending on deal & area

  • Rental Income = 2%+ of the Purchase Price

  • Cash Flow = Minimum $200 per door

Real Estate Wholesaling in Madison WI

Now that we have laid the ground works, lets build a business relationship. We are always looking to buy within our criteria and look forward to building relationships whenever we can in this industry. 

So if you want to join forces and started building our businesses together, fill out the form above and lets get to work. We look forward to working with you and learning more about your business.

We are committed to serving you with quality and value. We believe that everyone deserves to have an alternate, hassle free home selling solution. We offer our expertise to get you the outcome you want.

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