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Discover The Easiest Way To Sell A House In Need Of Repairs in Madison WI

We Buy At A Discount - But You Get A Check in 14 Days

    When difficult situations arise in your life, making the necessary repairs to sell your home in Madison WI may not always be your first priority. With that being said, when you sell your home with us, you will not be asked to make any repairs to your home in Madison WI or remove any of the unwanted items you want in your home. We will purchase your home "AS IS" which will allow you to save both your time and money that you would other wise have to invest when selling with a realtor.

       We hope that by making all the repairs on your Madison WI home and getting rid all your unwanted items we will make this sales process as simple as possible for you and your family. There are a couple options when deciding to sell your home but you need to make home repairs in Madison WI. The first option is to go the traditional route. You will hire a real estate agent then call over a General Contractor 

to give you an estimate on the work that needs to be completed in order to sell your home for full market value. As we all know this option can be very pricey and time consuming. 


Option #2 is to make the necessary repairs yourself. If you are handy and have the capability of doing this work yourself you will save a lot of money on the labor of the renovations. This option will save you some money but will extend the time period to sell your Madison WI home without repairs. 


Option #3 is to sell your home to Real Estate Solutions Firm. You will not have to make any repairs nor will you have to get your home ready to sell. You will not have to hire a real estate agent or wait for a buyer. You will be able to sell your Madison WI home without repairs within a couple weeks. You will not have to pay real estate commissions or closing costs. 


In today's market, home buyers are looking more and more for turn key homes in Madison WI and are less willing to purchase a home and make the repairs themselves. Homes in Madison WI with repairs needed are will sit on the market for much longer. The longer your property sits on the market, the more money you will be paying in taxes, utilities and insurance. 


So when it comes time to sell your home in Madison WI that needs repairs, evaluate your options. Think what option will be best for your family and for your situation. If you have the time and the money, the traditional route maybe best for you. If you are short on time and money and are willing to sell your home at a discount, selling to a Real Estate Solutions Firm may be your best option. 

Copper Lakes Capital - Sell Madison WI House Fast With Repairs

You can avoid all of the hassles that come's with selling your house that may need extra repairs to get it sold. You see, banks will not lend on homes that are in need of major repairs. This means that you will not be able to sell your house to a traditional buyer, a buyer who is obtaining bank financing to purchase your home. This means you will only be able to sell your home to a cash buyer (this is where we can help). We want to eliminate the hassle for our clients as much as possible. A home that is in need of several repairs, means you will need to take a lot of money out of pocket to get your home in the condition you need it in order to sell. 


We'll buy your house in AS IS condition and guide you through the whole transaction process. We make it painless for you to get a fair price for your home, so you can start moving into your new house right away. 


Closing costs? Don't worry about those, we will take care of those also. In a traditional sale, these closing costs will cost you anywhere from 2-4% of the sales price. NOT WITH US!


You can have cash in your pocket in as little as 14 days. There are no banks, mortgage approvals, real estate agents or commissions that you will have to deal with. JUST US! (we promise you'll like us) 

Resources To Help You With Your Repairs

1) Should I Fix Up My Home Or Sell As IsDiscusses the pros and cons of using both strategies while also giving you tips and tricks  to successfully executing these strategies. 

2) The Ultimate Guide To Selling Your Home With (ALOT) Of RepairsLearn about all of your options when you are selling a home with a lot of repairs. There are several options, you just have to choose the best one that fits with your financial situation. 

3) By Law, Do I Need To Repair My House Before SellingUnderstand that you can sell your house "as is" and that you are not required to make any repairs prior to selling. 

4) Best Way To Sell Your House Without Repairs, Agents Or StagingUnderstand that you have different options when you are selling your property "as is". Learn who you can speak with to learn more about the process. 

5) Selling To A Real Estate Investor May Be Your Best Option Learn the pros and cons of selling to a real estate investor. Also learn about how the process works and if you will benefit from this option.

6) The Ultimate Guide To Selling Your HomeAn overall look at all of your options when you are selling your home. Take a look at all of the options and find out which vehicle will work best for your specific situation. 

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