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Sell Your House Without A Realtor in Madison Wisconsin

Sometimes when you decide to sell your house, hiring a realtor may not be the best option for your situation, family and finances. Not all situations are built for a real estate listing. Depending on your situation, sometimes listing with a real estate agent means time and money wasted. 

As you know, having to go through open houses and home showings can be a pain. And don't forget your home has the potential to sit on the market for months depending on condition, market and location. It can be a very common habit for realtors to give up on problem properties that may bring them little to no commission on the sale. After all this is their life and they spend there time where they can make the most money. This leaves the homeowner having to take the property off the market, continuing paying the holding costs (taxes, insurance, utilities, mortgage) or reducing the asking price (to an amount that you could sell to us).

Finally, once the property does sell (if it does) you will have to pay 6% in realtor commissions. This is in addition to the closing costs, holding costs, title and other fees associated with the sale. 

Selling Your Home As-Is Without A Realtor

Homeowners tend to think that they need to hire a real estate agent to sell their house. However, this is not the truth. It is actually easier to sell your house without a real estate agent than it is if you hire a real estate agent. 


You heard it right. There will be:

  • No cleaning

  • No painting

  • No expensive repairs

  • No open houses

  • No daily walkthroughs

  • No having your house sit on the market for months

  • No commissions


Typically when you hire a real estate agent to sell your house that is in rough condition, they are going to call us and see if we are interested in buying your house. So we can just cut out the middle man and leave more money in your pocket. If you want to get started it is very easy, just click the button below and we can begin the simple process. 

Sell House Without A Realtor in Madison Wisconsin

You can avoid all of the hassles that come's with selling your house that may need extra repairs to get it sold. You see, banks will not lend on homes that are in need of major repairs. This means that you will not be able to sell your house to a traditional buyer, a buyer who is obtaining bank financing to purchase your home. This means you will only be able to sell your home to a cash buyer (this is where we can help). We want to eliminate the hassle for our clients as much as possible. A home that is in need of several repairs, means you will need to take a lot of money out of pocket to get your home in the condition you need it in order to sell. 


We'll buy your house in AS IS condition and guide you through the whole transaction process. We make it painless for you to get a fair price for your home, so you can start moving into your new house right away. 


Closing costs? Don't worry about those, we will take care of those also. In a traditional sale, these closing costs will cost you anywhere from 2-4% of the sales price. NOT WITH US!


You can have cash in your pocket in as little as 14 days. There are no banks, mortgage approvals, real estate agents or commissions that you will have to deal with. JUST US! (we promise you'll like us) 

Resources To Help Sell With No Agent

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